1. "Sometimes you can’t explain what you see in a person. It’s just the way they take you to a place where no one else can."

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    thug ass ducks

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  2. I understand it’s not about me but telling me to “suck it up” when I can’t move and am on the verge of puking because of the pain I’m in and to stop being a brat isn’t helping, because I am getting ready to kick you in the head. When you had cramps this bad no one said anything to you about sucking it up. I’ve had to go home early from things because you had cramps so shut the fuck up

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  4. smileandbehappyyy:

    some people will never know the difficulties of eating every day. how hard it is when alls you do is count calories, eat numbers and cry.

    "I hate food. I used to think I loved it, because I was fat. But I don’t. I fucking hate it."

    It’s ruining my life.

  5. life-of-an-itty-bitty-little:

    "Stop being such a bitch just because you have your period. It’s not a valid excuse."

    Ok well Im gonna kick you in the dick and make it bleed and we’ll just see how nice you are after that.

  6. Cramps

    • Dad: Hey, you okay?
    • Me: no...
    • Dad: why?
    • Me: my period just hit me like a wall.
    • Dad: -runs off-
    • -two minutes later-
    • -dumps Reece's peanut butter cups and m&m's on my lap-
  7. Dear Guys,


    You know how us girls say that period cramps feel like we are being stabbed in the gut? Well, we aren’t exaggerating. Some girl’s cramps can hurt so bad that they throw up, pass out or both. For example this morning my cramps were so bad I was screaming because of the pain. It sounded as if…

  8. amandaslanguage:

    Woops🌼 on We Heart It.

  9. the problem with being curvy


    is that you can’t wear what the other girls are wearing or you look “provocative” or slutty.

    you can’t wear a short skirt or shorts like the other girls, because you have larger thighs and a bigger ass, and that’s “provocative” or slutty.

    you can’t wear a tight or low-cut shirt like the other…

  10. I Just Can’t.


  11. Sneezing on your period


    Is kinda like:

  12. Period Troubles


    Period: you want cookies
    Period: you want to fuck
    Period: you want to fuck while eating cookies
    Period: lets be sad about trivial things, shall we?
    Period: kill them
    Period: kill them too
    Period: kill them and eat their cookies
    Period: shhhh it’s okay you’ll feel better soon
    Period: no you wont fuck you
    Period: whoops you dropped a spoon better cry

  13. assbutt-in-the-garrison:

    those aching period pains that feel like heartbeats in your ovaries


  14. "surprise motherfucker"

    my period at 3am (via bencumberwub)

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